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Evan has a graphic design background and a degree in guitar repair and building from Minnesota State College Southeast Technical. He’s a guitar lover through and through with an artist’s eye, both of which serve him exceptionally well in the Breedlove string-up department. He likes working with his hands and enjoys the intense attention to detail his position requires. His art, guitar-repair and building background give him an especially unique perspective on string-up, since he is fanatical about both aesthetics and the technical aspects that bring distinctively crafted sound to life.

Evan grew up in Minnesota and started playing violin at the age of six and then switched to guitar at age 14. Evan builds electric guitars in his spare time for friends and for his own collection. He’s also a hiker and camper, is newly married (2013), and spent his honeymoon scuba diving with his bride in Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.

Favorite meal in Bend: Bomb sauce from Brother John’s Public House
Favorite view in Bend: Mt. Bachelor from the middle of Elk Lake
Movies you could watch over and over: Dumb & Dumber, Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Best live show you’ve ever seen: Kansas, 2010, Mayo Civic Center
Best skill as a kid: Arguing!
Favorite smell: Campfire
Musician you’d like to have over for dinner: Tom Scholz (from Boston)
Dream vacation-home location: Southern coast of Norway”