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Guitar Tricks Reviews USA Concert Daylight E

25-year history of making top-shelf acoustic guitars establishes Breedlove as a leader in the respective market, leaving most competitors in the dust. Their brand comes up frequently in related conversation circles and rightfully so – innovative designs, superlative craftsmanship, and great tone puts Breedlove’s name in the discussion hat.

Hot from their Bend, Oregon factory, the newest model, USA Concert Day Light E, is poised to strike a chord or two (pun intended!) in the acoustic world. But there’s more here than meets the eye. A streamlined design places the emphasis on world-class build quality and amazing tone, rather than visual aesthetics. Simple in appearance, robust in tone, and versatile, USA Concert Day Light E is for the player who wants to make a musical statement rather than simply “check out my cool-looking guitar.”

Based on their first born and most distinguished body shape, Concert Day Light E promotes a beefy dreadnaught-like voice minus the awkward Johnny Cash-size guitar proportions. Designed for comfort, the body measures 15.37” at the lower bout, 11.28” at the upper bout, and a slender 3.75” depth, meaning you can easily wrap your wings around it. And weighing in at a feathery 3.5 pounds, live performers won’t get tired holding it for a whole set. Whether sitting or standing, Concert Day Light E is comfortable to play for extended periods of time.

The exposed natural wood appearance is deceptive – an ultra-thin satin finish covers the body, influencing sound and tone, and allowing the wood to breathe and resonate more naturally, according to some acoustic aficionados, than those with thicker lacquer. Keeping in line with the lightweight agenda, they created the thinnest finish to date on a Breedlove – a mere 5 mils on top and 2 mils for back and sides. Body and neck wood is closely matched Honduran mahogany for a binding-eliminating clean look. The slimmer profile neck is hand-rubbed semigloss for optimal performance and sports an African ebony fretboard decorated with small off-set fret marker dots.

As if pointing towards the future, the modern-shaped asymmetrical headstock and pearloid Breedlove logo contrast fittingly against the traditional body style and design. Fans of alternate tunings will appreciate increased tuning stability, the result of reduced string angle from nut to Breedlove tuners. Other accoutrements include a pin-less bridge for fast and effortless string changes, LR Baggs EAS V pickup and easy-access volume knob tucked out of sight in the sound-hole that supports the uncluttered look.

Straight out of the case this guitar is comfy on the lap with an immediately friendly feeling neck and no fret buzz. Whether strumming hard or light finger-style, it boasts a warm, dark voice with harmonically rich tone, and perfect for vocal accompaniment. The Baggs pickup reproduced a full range of rich and articulate ear candy when tested through an acoustic amp, upping the stakes in my book for versatility and desirability. Additionally, Concert Day Light E comes with a deluxe hard-shell case for storing or making that urban commute to the next show.

Concert Day Light E is perfect for your unplugged acoustic sessions or strumming Beatles and Eagles tunes around the campfire. Playability and sound-wise, this guitar delivers and makes a superb tool for both the gigging guitarist and hobbyist, and at a terrific price point.