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Premier Guitar Awards Breedlove Pursuit Concertina Premier Gear Award!

By Adam Perlmutter
January 03, 2019

“Breedlove Guitars has always been known for their willingness to deviate from acoustic-design convention. Features like their pinless bridge and the JLD truss system (a dowel spanning the bridge and tail block that counteracts tension exerted on the top and increases sustain and resonance) helped distinguish Breedlove as a forward-thinking brand. But they also contributed to what many players classify as a more modern tone signature—an alternative to established mid-20th-century acoustic sound templates.

Breedlove is also known for specialized body styles. Last year, the company introduced a new platform: the Concertina, a 12-fret, small-body flattop that is clearly a response to the parlor guitar renaissance of recent years. Now, the Concertina is available as part of the affordable Pursuit series, which is designed in the United States and made in China. I checked out the Pursuit Concertina E, with its LR Baggs electronics, which sells for about $500 street, and it’s an outstanding guitar for the money.”

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