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Video Playthrough by Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger | See the Video Here.

This highly responsive, concert-ready 12-string rings beautifully—enhanced by the company’s new bridge truss—and boasts a sustainable cedar top and mahogany back and sides, a side port for easy listening, and a Fishman pickup system. Learn more about Breedlove’s 12-string advantages here.

12-string guitars can be…polarizing, but like them or loathe them, you can’t deny the centrality of that ringing sound to some of the past half-century’s most iconic music. You know, Hotel California, Over the Hills and Far Away, Wish You Were Here—just to name a few of the anthems girded by a double dose of steel strings. We designed the Solo Concert 12-String for players looking for a robust yet nuanced 12-String guitar, one that’s not a gimmicky sideshow but a purpose-built professional-grade instrument. The side monitor soundhole virtually puts you in the audience while you play, without diminishing the forward sound projection of your music, a particularly useful feature when playing with a group of musicians. The tone is warm and rich with a solid red cedar top and solid African Mahogany back and sides, and that sound remains clear and full when plugged in with Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics. The cutaway body allows players full access to the entire ovangkol fretboard for when you want to get weird up the scale. Say what you will about 12-strings, but play this one before casting any aspersions.

Check out the Organic Pro Collection Solo Pro 12-String guitar here!