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Fingerpicking Fundamentals Lesson 2: Learn to Play Led Zeppelin’s Bron Aur Yr

In lesson 1 of this series, Gretchen Menn explained essential techniques and terminology for learning or improving finger style guitar play. She also laid out a full two week lesson plan to get your hands warm and your mind-muscle connections strong.

You did do the homework, right?

Now, Gretchen’s going to show you how to apply all that practice and learn to play one of Led Zeppelin’s lesser known ballads: Bron Aur Yr. Not to be confused with Bron Y Aur Stomp off Led Zeppelin III, Bron Aur Yr is a delicate fingerpicking melody from the Physical Graffiti album.

Gretchen walks you through all the various parts of the song. We suggest learning and practicing each one individually before moving on to the next, and then putting them all together once you have each part well established in your fingers and your brain.

This tutorial will benefit novice and experienced players alike. If you follow Gretchen’s instructions and advice, you might ultimately decide, as she has, that learning to play this song is far easier than learning to pronounce its name.