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Fingerpicking Fundamentals: Tutorial Video with Gretchen Menn

In case you didn’t already know, we love Gretchen Menn. Read our full profile on her to learn all the reasons why.

Gretchen’s passion, work ethic, and ability have allowed her to master a huge range of music and play styles.  She’s also a gifted speaker, and exceptional educator, so we’re very pumped to kick off our video collaboration series with her.

Fundamentals matter, ask any self-taught player who’s had to unlearn bad habits.  In this detailed instructional video, Gretchen explains foundational hand and finger positioning, tone production, basic terminology, and common mistakes. She also provides a complete two-week lesson plan with a custom practice tracker sheet to help you master these skills and prepare yourself for the next lesson. Though this is an introductory lesson, we think everyone can benefit from some fundamentals.

Download the Practice Tracker Sheet!