With your help, Breedlove is aiming to save the planet one guitar at a time.

All Breedlove guitars starting June 25, 2021, are made from sustainably-sourced exotic and native tonewoods. No clear-cut trees are used in these instruments. Breedlove uses salvaged and individually harvested timber and has deep relationships with responsible suppliers around the globe. Owner Tom Bedell and his team have visited 15 countries to discover exactly where the wood comes from, how it is selected and harvested, and how this affects the wildlife, the community, the forest and the planet.

We only have one world. Please join us. Breedlove believes that we should all consider the decisions we make about consumption, and ask questions about where the products we use from and how they are made. A guitar is a lifetime investment. It brings you joy and it helps you bring more joy into that one world. Shouldn’t it be sustainable? Shouldn’t it help heal the world, rather than harming it? We think so and we know you do, too.

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