Bearclaw Sitka Spruce


Bearclaw Sitka Spruce

Bearclaw Siika spruce has a shallow, cross-grain curl that seems to increase cross-grain stiffness in acoustic guitars. Many luthiers feel that it enhances the tone and sustain of spruce. Strong, focused tone with strong fundamental — perfect for flatpicking styles.

Sitka spruce is the world’s most popular topwood, for a reason. Sitka has an ideal strength-to-weight ratio, yielding a strong fundamental, high velocity of sound and a pleasing elasticity. Translation? Sitka sounds great for heavy strumming, light fingerpicking and everything in between.

The Tonewood Certification Program

As demand on our world’s forests and environment grow, it is critical we build guitars using sustainable sourcing. At Breedlove we never use tonewood from clear-cut trees in any of our USA-made instruments. Additionally, we are very close to being clear-cut free on all of our overseas models - starting with The Organic Collection. This is our goal, and a work in progress. Traveling throughout the world, we go to the forests and work with local families and mills whenever possible, going to the source to make sure our instruments not only play and sound better, but allow us to feel better about the instruments we play and love.

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